agents-of-s-h-i-e-l-d--107090Composer: Bear McCreary

Tracks:  18

Total length: 1:17:5

Label: Hollywood Records

Digital Release Date: Available now

C.D. Release Date: October 9, 2015


Ok so first off i would like to talk about the composer Bear McCreary. He was rocketed into the limelight by his wonderful score for the science fiction masterpiece that is Battlestar Gallactica, In which he managed to bring a perfect feeling of suspense. From then he composed the soundtracks to : Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Caprica, Eureka, The Walking Dead and many more. He is currently credited for seventy four series and has gained many awards including a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music in Da Vinci’s Demons in 2013, ASCAP Award in 2013 for Top Television Series in The Walking Dead and 2009 for Top Television Series in Eureka. This project for him was a dream come true as he loves superheroes and their musical fanfares.




As you have probably guessed i was trying hard to avoid this part because i had such high hopes for this soundtrack. I am a massive fan of comic books and superheroes myself, And have been since i was a young lad buying my first copy of The Avengers comic. I need to point out that this album is not bad. It features some amazing orchestra’s in it that even reaches from 55 to 95 musicians creating some truly masterful symphonies. My main problem is the fact that most of the songs blend into each other and lose a large amount of their splendour when listened to without the context of the scenes that they go with.

That said i would like to talk about the main piece as an example, The Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Overture.
as the piece starts we have the string instruments creating tension as the the drums join them adding a deeper depth to the sound. 19 Seconds into the song the wind instruments also join in to the mix at which point we are greeted with a deep fanfare the likes of which fits in perfectly with the superhero series. That part alone is what we have come to expect with modern soundtracks whilst still having a tip of the hat to some of the preceding programs including batman and superman. we are given a tune that sticks in our heads and most people would be able to hear after a few episodes and recognize that it is The Agents of Shield.

This has been one of the hardest reviews for me to do as i truly wanted it to be better than i found it to be. If you like something to have in the background then i recommend this but apart from that i am afraid i can not suggest this album.

Agents of SHIELD - Main Theme

The Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D O.S.T
2.5Overall Score
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