Wow. I never thought I’d actually get to do a game review. This is the kind of thing I dreamt of doing so here we go.

So what is Rogue State anyway?
This is a strategy game in which you play the new leader of a country after having just overthrown the previous dictator. The goal is to not just rebuild the country but to also survive in power long enough to bring it to a great power. This is easier said than done with not only four groups that will turn against you if you do not keep them happy but also your brother Farouq trying to sabotage your every move. This game is hard as there are times you have to do things that go against your moral compass.

What’s the gameplay like?
Well that is a tricky question. most of the game play will take place in your office or the war cabinet and this is a game all about choices. You will have a section to improve the infrastructure of the country and others to raise or decrease taxes. Each decision will increase or decrease your popularity with the factions or even the U.N. and America. You also have three neighbouring countries that you need to keep happy. As I said before, through all of this you have Farouq sabotaging your efforts. What he does depends on what position you put him in on your cabinet, i.e. if you put him as finance minister he will put some of the country’s funds into his private bank account each day.


Did I enjoy playing it?
That’s a tricky question. I played the game three times and the longest that I stayed in power before being usurped was just over a year and a half. This game is unforgiving and has a lot of replayability and makes you want to see how far you can get. I found myself playing more and thinking about the pro’s and con’s of each decision and found myself worrying more about surviving than the welfare of my people. It is a harsh look at times into the tough decisions politicians have to make on a daily basis in order to keep the country running and staying in power.

Is this game worth it?
In my eyes yes it is. If you want a game that when you stop playing you still find yourself trying to figure out other strategies then this is the game for you. It is available on Steam and is well worth a look at so give it a go and see how long you can survive as president.

Rogue State
3.5Overall Score
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