Original Music By: Heather McIntoshZForZachariah-sm
Duration: 53 min
Label: Varese Sarabande Records

Z for Zachariah soundtrack is a collection of beautifully composed mood music fitting for a film with a title that bears connotations of finality and transition. It is characterised by lush string arrangements, and achingly sweet melodies, tinged with profound sadness.

The composer, Heather McIntosh, is an accomplished musician with some good creds to her name, e.g. she has “toured with Lil’ Wayne, played bass for Gnarls Barkley, created music with indie bands like Animal Collective, Norah Jones, and St. Vincent.”

The pastoral nature of the sound track is very much in keeping with the subject matter of the film, which according to the press release, is about the last female survivor of an extinction level event who runs into a dying scientist and another male survivor between whom she is trapped as their primal and competitive survival instincts kick into overdrive. The music overall tends to linger on the sense of loss and grief, albeit with strands of tension, very aligned with the situation in which these 3 characters find themselves. Tracks such as “Outside The Valley”, “Worry” and the 6 minute long “Electricity” all display the former characteristic, while others such as: “A Stranger” and “The Hunt” convey tension. Even here the track titles suggest the sentiment in the music. No surprises whatsoever.

This is an unpresumptuous, straight-forward soundtrack which delivers on its promise without a doubt. I enjoyed, (then got a little tired of) listening to the sweet, paint-by-the-number simplicity, as well as the underlying sadness and longing for something lost which it evokes so masterfully. Good job by Ms. McIntosh.

Z For Zachariah - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
4.0Overall Score
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