Original Music By: Various Artistesmississippi-grind-soundtrack-vol2_sm
Duration: 34 min
Label: Lakeshore Records

As I stated in the Vol 1 review, this was originally going to be a single review for a double soundtrack album, but the tracks in each album were selected to reflect the nature of lead characters: Gerry and Curtis, such that it would have been a disservice to do both in one review, so here is the second of my two part review. The story centers on 2 gamblers who form a deep friendship on the road to a famous big stakes game in New Orleans, and the music immediately transports you right onto the roads of deep south USA.

The tracks on this second CD feature more recent blues styles, instrumentation and performances, reflecting a younger, more dynamic but equally flawed character in Curtis – a cocky gambler with the bravado and recklessness of youth on the rise.  Tracks by R.L. Burnside, O.V. Wright are brilliant in their use of modern sounds and recording techniques to re-interpret the age old blues themes of: heartache, sorrow and a certain revelry in defiance of hardship. Fantastic stuff.

A couple of original tracks by Leo Welch “I Don’t Know Her Name” and Marshall Chapman “Rainbow Road” provide some purpose written songs among this selection of great tracks by great artistes, including the legendary John Lee Hooker in fine voice. You can’t get more bluesy than that.

Overall though, I think I prefer the first volume over this one, but only by a very narrow margin and mainly because the older tracks are more hungry, raw and unrefined compared to the rich fullness of this second volume. It is somewhat like having to chose between raw cane sugar and candy rock – they’re both sweet and delicious in maddeningly different ways.

Mississippi Grind Vol 2: Curtis’ Road Mix - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
5.0Overall Score
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