Original Music By: Various Artistesmississippi-grind-soundtrack-vol1_sm
Duration: 36 min
Label: Lakeshore Records

According to the PR, MISSISSIPPI GRIND — VOL 1: GERRY’S ROAD MIX and VOL 2: CURTIS’ ROAD MIX – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack albums “are film-inspired compilations of amazing blues tracks” and I couldn’t agree more. The story centers on 2 gamblers who form a deep friendship on the road to a famous big stakes game in New Orleans, and the music immediately transports you right onto the roads of deep south USA

Awe inspiring and simply brilliant are just some thoughts that sprang to mind when listening to this collection, especially through the added intimacy of a good pair of headphones. I originally intended to do single review of a double album, but the tracks in each album were specifically selected to reflect the nature of lead characters: Gerry and Curtis, and as such, it would have been a disservice to do both in one review, so please consider this the first of a two part review.

The tracks on this first CD paint the picture of a deeply flawed but driven character who will do whatever it takes to win, but underneath all that drive lies a hurting soul which may just give out all together if this one last great gamble should fail. This latter aspect is beautifully brought home in Erik Satie’s haunting “Gymnopedie” (performed by Jack Fessenden), and the aforementioned drive is emphatically represented in Big Bill Broonzy’s “This train” and Junior Kimbrough’s “Leave Her alone”.

At 36 minutes long, this compilation leaves you gagging for more from the various master craftsmen / women whose work are represented in this selection, especially as no two tracks sound the same. Honourable mentions go to tracks by Memphis Slim and Memphis Minnie which do not fail to please and surprise. It doesn’t get much more authentic, old school, deep down southern blues than the tracks on this CD. Bravo!

Mississippi Grind Vol 1: Gerry’s Road Mix - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
5.0Overall Score
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