images (5)Director: Jesse Baget, Adrian Cardona, Rafa Dengra, Luke Guidici  J, Phil Haine, Peter Horn, Jared Marshall, Cameron McCulloch, David Munoz, Adam O’Brien, Zachary Ramelan, Paul Shrimpton, Vedran Marjanovic Wekster, Tommy Woodard
Screenplay: Stefania Moscato, Jonathan Brown, Alex Chandon, Raven Cousens, Luke Guidici, Peter Horn, Jared Marshall, Cameron McCulloch, David Munoz, Adam O’Brien, Zachary Ramelan, Paul Shrimpton, Graham Taylor, Tommy Woodard
Starring: Bill Oberst Jr
Producer: Jesse Baget, Steve Barton, Kimberley Browning, Adrian Cardona, Jon Condit, Raven Cousens, Jason B. Cox, Humberto Estrada, Paco Ferrari, Luke Guidici, Reginald Hunter, Monica Murguia, David Munoz, Zachary Ramelan, Zoe Rixon, Marc Velasco, Tommy Woodard
Country: USA
Running Time: 96min
Year: 2015
BBFC Certificate: 18

Now this is what I call a zombie film, it’s utterly insane, this is the “Lord of the Rings” of the zombie genre; it’s a behemoth of fully amped extreme violence. Dread Central present Zombieworld, a zombie montage, held together by the slowly rotting news reader, Marvin Gloatt (Bill Oberst Jr), who explains why we are now living in Zombieworld.

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Zombieworld opens with “Dark Times”, terrified folk flee from an unknown assailant whilst being picked off by zombies; one lucky camera-man gets to film himself being eaten alive, before turning into one of the undead himself. Outtakes from “Marathon Apocalypse” explain, in the summer of 2013 a deadly virus was accidentally released from a scientific research centre, killing thousands of people. The virus mutates and corpses start to rise…oh yeah…now we are talking. Although he has been bitten Marvin continues to deliver the news for KPRS, and even while reading the news the rich claret flows free.

downloadResearchers desperately scour their expansive heads to determine the cause of the zombie apocalypse, so we head back in time with “Fist of Jesus”. This is the first clash between the living and the dead, in the highly offensive spree which depicts Jesus raising the dead. Instead of a wondrous miracle, he gets it wrong and the dead rise to become gut munching loonies. It’s an intestine strewn nightmare, but still nicely acted, of course Jesus’s best mate is Judas; I guess he doesn’t know yet. Judas is so sickened by the undead horrors surrounding him, he hangs himself, Jesus brings him back to life, but forgets to cut him down and Judas comes back to life, only to be hung again. At last Jesus gets it right and brings Judas back from the dead; the look of utter despair on Judas is priceless. Jesus and Judas are surrounded by Pharisees, Roman and cowboy zombies and they decide to fight back with an assortment of fish, this bloodbath is indescribably good and has to be seen to be believed, keep an eye out for the piranha.


Bob the camera-man at KPRS keeps rolling with a public safety announcement, “Do people want to eat your brain? well find out what to do in “How to survive a zombie apocalypse”. It’s day nine of the zombie apocalypse and there is a news flash “Kardashians claim world calamity will not affect their summer plans”. The next news story is in Ireland as zombie attacks are reported there in the necrotic adventure “I am lonely”. The news stories keep coming in, with a live feed three blocks from the KPRS station, a cleverly constructed undead escapade using the petrol station security cameras captures the live zombie action. “Dead Stop” seems to have a message for us, a policeman stops to help, but wishes he hadn’t, the lesson to be learnt is don’t try to help in a zombie apocalypse, just split.


Back at the news station Marvin is starting to turn, reporting on the latest atrocities; undead cows are now going on the rampage. In “Home” we visit Australia, which has also been overrun by flesh eating scum, this is quite a touching one even though there is plenty of whacking, as the zombie filth spoil wedding plans. We are treated to our second public safety announcement, in “How to Survive a Zombie apocalypse II”, these zombies are real fast and we learn how to take them out with a bike seat.

Back at the news station Marvin is looking decidedly ropey, in “Dead Rush” the citizens of Canada have been asked to remain in-doors, but there’s more fast-paced zombie axe action to be had, my thought here is, it’s amazing how long it takes to die when your intestines are being eaten. Cut to “Teleportal” a zombie shoot’em up game, that’s a bit too realistic and turns out to be deadly, Marvin appears distinctly queasy now and has started insane zombie gurgling. Next up, a postman delivers a horror zombie comic in “Certified”, which sets his mind racing, so when a psycho-girl plays a cruel joke on him, he falls for it hook, line and sinker. A last public safety announcement, in “How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse III”, the guy with the bike seat is back, but this time he’s got two and touchingly he finds a girl who’s got a bike seat aswel, its zombie apocalypse love.

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Marvin is maturing like a ripe gorgonzola now, as we get the latest news update from Ibiza, Spain, well you are in for a treat with this one. A recovering psychiatric patient goes to the beach to recuperate and relax only to find himself in the middle of a zombie attack, the excellent groovy music adds to this beautifully crafted, intestine fuelled massacre. Our psycho hero arrives on the beach in his undies, just as some extreme slimy undead filth assault the beach. The first victim gets death by Frisbee, but that’s tame compared with what’s coming, there’s plenty of gut ripping, skinning alive and brain cleaving. When the psycho’s tape player stops working he goes on the rampage, giving the zombies a taste of their own medicine becoming a zombie slapper and soon the air is filled with green zombie goo. In a beautifully un-P.C. finale our hero uses the body of a dead child as a weapon. There is even a zombie death by foot pump, but our hero is happy in the end as he gets those normal holiday pictures he so wanted. Melvin is just growling now as he eats Bob the camera-man, you are now in Zombieworld, good luck, you’ll need it.

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If you love zombie films this is the only one you’ll ever need, they are all here in one gut wrenching explosion of ultra-violence. There’s a varied mix of tales here, some are completely out of the park, others are darkly humorous, some are as gory as hell and some are …er slightly less gory. Absolutely beautiful, from the sickening yellow box to the blood soaked images held within.

Image Entertainment prepare for the Zombieworld takeover on DVD 8th June 2015. I reviewed a delightfully sick yellow sleeved DVD with excellent sound and picture quality, it’s a delight. The special feature included is Marathon Apocalypse, an amusing tale of zombie desolation and capitalist greed cashing in on the zombie holocaust.


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