Advanced_WarfareFormat reviewed: PS3
Other formats available: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PC
Developers: Sledgehammer Games, High Moon Studios, Raven Software
Publisher: Activision
Price: £59.99
Rating: 18

Having exhausted the present day scenarios for CoD with Modern Warfare 1, 2, 3 and 4, then the Black Ops and Ghosts, the CoD franchise has rolled on into the future with Advanced Warfare.

Too much of a good thing isn’t good, well that’s what my mum used to tell me when I was young. At the time I never believed her because I wanted to eat the entire bag of sweets. Now that I’ve grown up (physically at least), I can sort of see what she means.

I used to love the CoD games, having played them since they first graced our small screens. However, with them coming out every year I got a bit sick of them.

To quote my mum again, ‘a change is as good as a rest’. I took a break from all things CoD and it paid off. So here I am again with CoD Advanced Warfare and I’m glad to be back looking down the sights.

Advanced Warfare plants you in the boots of Private Jack Mitchell in the year 2054. Action starts as Mitchell is a Marine in war torn Seoul following an invasion by the communist North Korea.

After a battle in which his friend is killed and Jack loses an arm, Mitchell leaves the Marines and joins Atlas Corporation, a private military company run by a man called Jonathan Irons, played by the excellent Kevin Spacey.

CoD AW has made a change from the usual voice acting where the character they are playing looks nothing like them. Advanced Warfare is more like a film in that the Kevin Spacey character looks exactly like him. I have to say that the CGI is excellent throughout the game. It is hard to tell at many points if you are watching live action footage or computer generated graphics.


Although we played AW on last gen hardware, PS3, it still looks great in the single player campaign at least. It no doubt looks even better on PS4 and Xbox One, but to be honest we do wonder if you really do need to go for the next gen versions.

As is often the way this early into a new generation of hardware, where the last iteration is still around, there are generally few reasons to upgrade. The real motives will come when the big platform exclusives arrive, things like the next Uncharted if it is on PS4 only. Or the next Halo-esque game that is solely for Xbox One.

Back to AW. You can be safe in the knowledge that everything works like a dream in terms of gameplay, the various studios that worked on the game have created the usual slick CoD gameplay. The weapons have a nice variety to them, the levels are as challenging as you want them to be and the AI is good.

Although CoD AW is set in the future, it’s a realistic future. Face it, in 40 years weapons will be slightly more advanced versions of the ones used today, in the same way that today’s weapons are more advanced from 40 years ago. So don’t expect laser-blasters and space ships.

The story, for once, isn’t that bad either and when you step away from the game it does draw you back in again wanting more. The story twists are quite obvious though, but then you can’t have everything!

Of course, for many the story is irrelevant as online is where the action is. Well, again, this is faultless, in gameplay terms at least. I was a little disappointed with the way it looked, to me it just didn’t look as good as I thought it could.

The colours didn’t strike me as being that realistic and detail was lower res than I’d like. This is probably to do with the performance online, more detail would possibly lead to game lag, which no one wants. Multiplayer has all the various modes you would expect to keep you going until next year when the next game comes out. Advance Warfare 2 perhaps?

So whether you are a diehard Call of Duty fan, or like me coming back to it after a break, then you won’t be disappointed.

Review by Tuckski for BCS

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