furyOriginal Music By: Steven Price
Duration: 67 mins
Label: Varese Sarabande

I must confess, I went into listening to this score cold. Having not seen Fury, I can’t comment on whether I like the film or not, and I can’t say that I’ve ever sat down and listened to a soundtrack just because Steven Price has composed it (as much as I enjoyed Gravity I could not hum a single note of the score to you to save my life), so I’ve very much listened to this score on it’s own merits.

On listening to the Fury score, three things immediately become apparent:

First of all, it’s an epic score. It feels big and expansive.

Secondly, the score has a wide variety of sounds to it. Meaning that although it is always “urgent” and “important” sounding, it is not samey, it keeps changing things up.

And third, the Fury score does not sound like a World War II film at all. It doesn’t even remotely conjure up the time period at all. And that is no bad thing.

The score is much more reminiscent of contemporary action blockbusters such as the Transformers franchise (especially the “Tiger Battle” and “Crossroads” tracks) or historical epics like Gladiator (listen to the grand, stirring sound of the track “Norman” and you’ll get the picture).

By no means take this last point as a slight because the Fury score is thoroughly engaging, and in fact giving me another reason to finally go the cinema and watch the film.

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