TF4-coverOriginal Music By: Steve Jablonsky
Duration: 78 min
Label: La-La Land Records

Steve Jablonsky’s scores have, for the most part, been the most consistently high quality aspects of Michael Bay’s mostly substandard CGI heavy, robot fight-fests, and the Age of Extinction soundtrack continues that tradition admirably.

From the strangely ominous tones of “I’m An Autobot” to the verve of action-packed tracks like “His Name Is Shane and He Drives”, “Hong Kong Chase” and “The Final Knight” and “Galvatron Is Online” which for some reason both recall the Tron: Legacy Soundtrack, the AOE Soundtrack bounces along with dark enthusiasm, and if you heard it in isolation, you might even be inspired to go and watch the AWFUL film that it accompanies.

Although in many ways it is more of the same, the AOE Soundtrack actually has a lot of “re-listen-ability”, although I’m slightly confused as to why “Dinobot Charge”, while quite inspirational in tone, doesn’t as such have it’s own theme given that it focuses on a totally different “breed” of Transformer, and certainly each track on it’s own is of as high a quality as one might expect of a massive blockbuster

Review by Ross Boyask

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