Original Music By: Michael Giacchinodawn-of-apes-large

Duration: 77 Minutes

Label: Sony Classical

The original soundtrack of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has been released by Sony Classical, and with Academy Award® winning Michael Giacchino (Star Trek into Darkness, Lost) as composer we are onto a winner.

From the very start it is clear that this is the music for “Planet of the Apes”, it is classical and primitive at the same time, reminiscent of the previous apes music but still moves forward. The music is emotional and charged with tension but you are still able to chuckle at the constant list of puns such as “Close Encounters of the Furred Kind” and “Aped Crusaders”. Level Plaguing Field opens the proceedings by lulling into a false sense of security with calming piano music, while “Look Who’s Stalking” slowly builds the tension with discordant moans, echoes and kettle drums, picking up the pace and relaxing again. “Past Their Primates” is a thankfully relaxing string composition, before “Close Encounters of the Furred Kind” begins to pound with drums and deep sweeping sequences finally relaxing the listener into the next score.  It is almost a relief to reach the calming opening of “Monkey to the City” before a further pounding onslaught of tension. We can enjoy some tranquillity at the opening of “Along Simian Lines” before the ominous mood of “Caesar No Evil, Hear No Evil”. Strings and chimes in “Monkey See Monkey Coup” add further depth to the musical adventure with pounding kettle drums and the pace explodes. There is so much happening in this one composition alone, I hardly know where to start, one thing is sure, emotions are running high, right up to the searing culmination.


The crashing drums and horns in the imposing “Gorilla Warfare”, lead into the calming piano of “The Apes of Wrath”, there are plenty of surprises in this track as it see-saws from one extreme to another. “Gibbon Take”, the puns keep coming, builds percussion steadily into haunting cords giving some relief before the pounding drums of “How Bonobo Can You Go”. With “Enough Monkeying Around” the musical chase is on, giant kettle drums and Choral harmonies thunder through this powerful track, this is an epic on its own.  We head towards the close of this tour de force with the highs and lows of “Primates for Life”,tumultuous “Planet of the End Credits”, crashing to finale in fine style with “Ain’t that a Stinger”.

This is a soundtrack that really comes to life, the detail and intricacy are apparent , it is rousing and musically interesting. This is a terrific arrangement, with layers and layers of composition, even if you are not a fan of classical music this is a great introduction, with a rich wealth of musical treats to be discovered. If you enjoyed Hans Zimmer’s Pirates of the Caribbean this is one for you, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is about to take residence in the CD player for along time.

Review by William J. Old

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