From pipes to pills

Rounding off - or rather extending - Nintendo's Year of Luigi is download-only Dr Luigi.  A refresh of the classic Dr Mario puzzler sees Luigi hang up his wrench and take up as a part-time medical practitioner.  Much like my own GP, actually.

You're tasked to rid a jar of pesky coloured germs. Unfortunately it seems Daisy's forgotten to order the correct cleaning fluids leaving poor Luigi to stack pills on the germs in a desperate attempt to avert some disaster. Incredibly, this works! Each coloured germ is killed by corresponding coloured pills - but you must make a line of four. The game includes four modes - Retro Remedy (the classic Dr Mario), Operation L where you're given L-Shaped pills, a gentler touch screen mode called Virus Buster and competitive online. You read that right - online is included but for 2-player matches only (a drop from 4-players in the Wii installment).

Available now from Nintendo eShop on WiiU priced at £13.49.

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