Original Music By: Mike Patton The Place Beyond The Pines
Duration: 59 min
Label: Milan Records

The second soundtrack in my double bill review is very much in a similar vein to the first, in fact they’re both released by the same label (i.e. Milan Records), and this album also consists mainly of the original score, spread across the first 12 tracks in this case. I guess this must be the way they do their sound tracks.

This somewhat dramatic film score by Mike Patton features twanging guitars, strings and choral voice-like effects aplenty. They span the emotional landscape of fear, dread, melancholy and foreboding, often mixed in with a sense of longing and regret, especially on tracks such as Forests of Conscience or Handsome Luke. The title track Beyond the Pines, is awash with the same mix of instruments and stylisation, albeit in a softer tone, unlike the majorly operatic Misremembering which at times felt like a theme from some 70s spaghetti western, twanging guitars and all.

The original score, was composed and produced by Mike Patton, a musical hero of the director, and it succeeds in giving a sense that the film is nothing more than a macho tale of cool bravado and daring, which I suppose is the point, in which case job done.

Of the remaining tracks we are provided a mixture of 60s retro pop vibe –e.g. Please Stay by the Cryin’ Shames, and some rather sad neo-classical, choral music – e.g. Miserere Mei by Vladimir Ivanoff, and Ninna Nanna, a hauntingly sparse melodic vocal piece by that film music maestro, Ennio Morricone. I particularly liked the last track, The Wolves, by Bon Iver which offers an acoustic guitar led vocal excursion into the place beyond the pines. You can almost smell the pine forests and possibly the sound of wolves howling in the distance – very nice work.

As you can probably tell, I am not overly impressed with this soundtrack album and I suggest avoiding it if you’re not a hardcore fan of this type of movie music. I truly hope the film is way better than the soundtrack suggests.

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