Score Featuring Original Music By: John Swihart
Soundtrack Featuring Songs By: Mary Wells, Chalk & Numbers, Los Campesinos!
Soundtrack Duration: 43 min (soundtrack) 26 min (score)
Label: Lakeshore Records

Directed by Jamie Travis and penned by Katie Anne Naylon and one of the co-stars Lauren Miller, For A Good Time, Call apparently went down a storm at Sundance this year. The film is about 2 hip young women who, in need of funds, share a flat and a sex phone line business with no doubt hilarious and moving consequences. Having not seen the film it’s hard to judge whether the tone of the soundtrack matches the intended tone exactly but it feels like it could belong to the same story.

The first half of this soundtrack album features some standard pop songs and a bit of college/indie rock. All very listenable and not too distracting or challenging. The first time you will take any notice of this album is when ‘By Your Hand’ comes on by Los Compesinos!; described as an indie pop band there is something of Pulp about this song both in style and lyrics; it is funny in lyrical content and a genuinely good tune. The next track is also a winner, ‘He Knew’ by Chalk & Numbers; this girl group have come up with a northern soul-esque number which makes you want to dance in a mini skirt flicking your Vidal Sassoon bob about; in a word – lush. Straight after this we get a classic Motown number from Mary Wells, penned by Smokey Robinson, ‘Operator’ is a perfect fit in the soundtrack line up. ‘Come Come’ by duo Hot as Sun has a dreamy Abba feel to it which is low key and interesting but ‘Black Water’ by Timber Timbre is overlong and confused; I couldn’t really enjoy this at all.

The running order of the album makes sense; upbeat, poppy and youthful moving into more complex and frankly better tunes and ending with slower more laid back (albeit duller) songs for the finale. Not a bad album but not amazing, with a couple of gems.

The score for this film is for musos and budding composers only. A gentle plinky plonky minimalist score by John Swihart has indie written all over it which no doubt suits this film which I have yet to see. Doesn’t stand alone as a download except for the obsessive fans.



Review by Katy V

The For a Good Time, Call Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and Score are both out now on CD and digital download.

To buy the soundtrack digitally in the US head over to iTunes or to buy it on CD head over to Amazon.

To buy the score digitally in the US head over to iTunes or to buy it on CD head over to Amazon.

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Score Preview:

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