Adam is still away so Blueprint’s own Darren returns to fill the void, chatting to Mike about the usual summer drought of games.

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4 Responses

  1. David Brook

    I’m a Starfox virgin too, so I’m looking forward to the new 3DS version. Speaking of which, with the price drop now in place, I’m hoping all these ambassador benefits are going to start flowing in. I’ve got a horrible feeling I should have registered something or done something special, but all I was told was that I only need to have accessed the shop before yesterday, which I have, dozens of times (and bought stuff), so there shouldn’t be a problem.

  2. Mike Luckett

    Well after recording this podcast i watched a trailer again i am definatly going to be making a purchase! Will pre-order over the weekened i think.

    That should be fine, as all i have read as well was just logging into the shop account before the date will make you able to get loads of freebies! 😀

  3. Darren Bolton

    You both have something special to look forward to. It’s easily the best shoot em up I’ve every played. Loads of variety, every level is amazing, loads opt replayability and effect for handheld gaming. Shame it isn’t online (and by shame I mean retarded) but the local multiplayer will be awesome I’m sure!


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