In a moment of mental blockage in the office I thought I’d take a break and have a tinker with Blueprint: Review’s look. I used to quite like the darkness we had going on, but I grew tired of it over the last few months especially when getting a headache trying to read longer posts (Film For Thought especially). So Chris and I had an experiment with our theme and came up with this new colour scheme and background.

Please let us know your thoughts on this change of style no matter what your stance. This is by no means set in stone so if you hate it just say and maybe we’ll reconsider.

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Editor of films and videos as well as of this site. On top of his passion for film, he also has a great love for music and his family.

7 Responses

  1. Andy Goodman

    Might be a bit too bright, compared with the darker version.
    I prefer the black text but maybe the background could be toned down?

  2. David Brook

    I know what you mean. It might be because the writing isn’t quite black, it’s grey so it’s still not 100% clear.

    We’re limited by what we can change at the moment, but we’re thinking of having an even bigger overhaul at some point in the near future, so we’ll keep that in mind.


  3. LukeyM

    I preferred the black look to be honest. It gave it a unique look. Now the white just makes it a bit more generic. :/ – though this may be what you were going for…

  4. Darren Bolton

    Yeah, generic is usually a key characteristic people aim for 🙂

    I don’t like how the moving banner on the homepage stays there all the time when you browse through the site!

  5. David Brook

    Er… it doesn’t do that for anyone else.

    Didn’t you guys find it really hard to read the white text after a while though, it did my head in. Maybe we need to go with light grey and darker text or some sort of crazy colour scheme.

  6. David Brook

    I’ve brought the background colour down a tiny bit so it’s not plain eye-piercing white. Any better or no different?


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