Men In Black 3 starts filming tomorrow (Thurs 18th Nov), but there are still some last minute changes to the script by Rush Hour 2 writer Jeff Nathanson.

Panic not though the film is being shot in two separate parts, the present day in the film begins shooting tomorrow but the 1969 scenes which are the sections with the last minute alterations won’t start filming until sometime next year.

The plot sees Smith’s Jay sent back in time to 1969, where he teams up with a young Kay (Brolin) to defeat Clement’s evil alien, Yaz.

• Will Smith – Agent Jay
• Tommy Lee Jones – Agent Kay
• Josh Brolin – stars as a young Agent Kay
• Jemaine Clement – Boris (MIB 3’s villain)
• Nicole Scherzinger – Lilly
• Alec Baldwin – head of MIB in the 60’s
• Gemma Arterton – will play a secretary in the 60s MIB headquarters
• Emma Thompson – will play head of MIB in the present
• Sharlto Copley – alien

Rick Baker is returning to craft the aliens for the latest MIB film, Rick has also worked on Star Wars, The Howling and Enchanted.

Men In Black 3 is due for release on 25 May 2012. It will be in 3D and directed by the original director, Barry Sonnenfeld.

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