The Coen brothers latest offering, an adaptation of True Grit, looks to be a classic in the making. The film  follows a young girl, Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld), who wants to avenge her father’s death, which was Buy Levaquin Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed the result of the actions of drifter Tom Chaney (Josh Brolin). She enlists the alcoholic marshal Rooster Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) to help catch the man. Matt Damon plays a Texas Ranger who wants to bring him in on a separate murder charge. The film is set for UK release on January 14, slap-bang in the middle of awards season…

Check out the trailer below.

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  1. David Brook

    I can’t wait for this. The Coen brothers rarely disappoint. When I first heard about it I wasn’t that interested, mainly because it’s a remake which always induces skepticism (especially after The Ladykillers), but this trailer looks very promising, even if it is only a teaser. The biggest pull for me is how gorgeous it looks, Roger Deakins is an absolute legend.


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