Director: Max Giwa/Dania Pasquini
Writer: Jane English 
Producers: James Richardson 
Diversity/Flawless/George Sampson/Charlotte Rampling/Eleanor Bron 
Year: 2010
Country: UK
BBFC Certification: PG
Duration: 98 minutes

We’ve had Save The Last Dance, we’ve had Step Up, we’ve had Honey and now, we have StreetDance, which will surprise you as it could give the movies mentioned a run for its money. StreetDance is about a talented street crew called “Jay 2 O” who soon fall apart after its leader, Jay, unexpectedly leaves them and appoints his girlfriend, Carly, the new leader. Sooner rather than later, things start to go wrong as she loses their rehearsal space and can’t find anywhere else to practice. That is until she sees a ballet school, which would be the ideal place for her and her crew to prepare for the UK finals. When Carly talks to Helena, a teacher in the school, about practicing their dance in her school, she agrees. However, everything has a price. In order for her crew to practice for free in the ballet school, she must include five ballet students in her routine and with the finals creeping up, the crew must learn the ballet students how to street dance. The story might not sound like much but it is actually a pretty good little film and would knock the socks off dance films such as Step Up any day (which, let’s face it, isn’t really that hard to do). StreetDance’s story is very predictable and quite weak at times but it’s overall a joy to watch. The acting in the movie isn’t very convincing but most of the cast in the movie are professional dancers and not actors so it was to be expected that we wouldn’t find any award-winning performances in the acting department.

StreetDance isn’t a movie to be taken very seriously and it doesn’t take itself seriously either. The best thing about StreetDance is that it knows what it wants to be and that is to be an entertaining dance movie with fantastic choreography and it succeeds by miles. There’s one thing that StreetDance doesn’t lack in (and so it shouldn’t either) and that is dance routines. The choreography in the movie is simply fantastic and very tidy. Add Britain’s Got Talent winners Diversity and George Sampson and runner-up dance group Flawless to the movie and you have a dance movie worth watching just for their performances alone. The writing for StreetDance was okay for a dance movie and is different to all the other dance movies I’ve seen but it could have been a little better.

What else can I say about this movie, it’s great and it does exactly what it says on the tin…it street dances (with a hint of ballet, of course). StreetDance isn’t like the other dance movies and it does stand out by itself but it’s not entirely different from the other dance movies. It still has the usual story of “we must win this competition so we can do this” and the predictable story of boy-meets-girl added but StreetDance is definitely worth watching. I’ve seen both Step Up 3 and StreetDance and I have to say that StreetDance is much better and if the crew from Step Up 3 and the crew from StreetDance had a dance battle…well…StreetDance would win hands-down. Dance movie fans will, of course, adore this but I’m not sure anybody else would as much but for me, this has definitely set a mark in the dance genre.

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