With the 3 Star Wars prequel films only grossing $2.4 billion worldwide it’s no wonder that George Lucas is in need of a bit more cash. His answer? to remaster every Star Wars film into 3D.

The Phantom Menace 3D is due to be released in 2012, with the rest of the prequels and the original films released every year. That means that the release of Return of the Jedi 3D in 2017 will coincide with the 40th Anniversary of the original Star Wars film.

Lucas is said to be committed to making the films look as good retro-fitted in 3D as they would if they’d been shot in 3D originally. “It’s not going to look like [conversions] we’ve seen in the past”. We’ll wait and see on that one.

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  1. ZombiWorkshop

    I LOVE that he’s converting the CRAP films first. (Sigh) This is going to be a looong wait… at least I’ll be able to watch ‘Wars on the big screen again.

  2. David Brook

    Yeah, it’s going to be a frustrating few years. It’s a groan-worthy cash-in and he’ll probably add some unnecessary extra crap to it again, but I’ll certainly be in line to catch the holy trilogy back in cinemas again.

  3. David Brook

    That would be quite cool, especially since that scene is mainly computer generated, it should work well. I’ve yet to see proper live action that looks good in 3D though and before anyone says it, Avatar was virtually all CGI and when it wasn’t it looked a bit weird to me. So I’m worried about how the original trilogy will look.

  4. Dazz Camponi

    I like 3D in certain movies but I’m not entirely sure this may work. Don’t get me wrong, I really hope it does but, as David said, my main worries about this is about how the original trilogy will look. We’ve all seen Clash of the Titans’ 3D conversion and look how that turned out…

    I hope this will work though and it would be great to see the original trilogy in the cinemas!


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