A handful of pics have appeared online that’ll get Alien fans and technophiles slavering Buy Orlistat Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed at the mouth almost as much as the phallic-headed creatures themselves. The first stills from the upcoming Blu-Ray re-release of the Alien Quadrilogy have been released, specifically from Aliens, which supposedly had a hard time moving to DVD due to issues with the original format. James Cameron himself has been involved in the Blu-Ray remastering though and these images show how much work has gone into making the film look practically new despite it being 24 years old. Some of the shots look drastically different which might upset some traditionalists, but you can’t deny it looks very pretty.

Dark Horizons has more details, including some comparisons with the DVD release so you can see exactly what changes to expect.

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  1. David Brook

    What are people’s thoughts on upgrading classics you already own up to Blu-Ray? Personally if I’ve got an older film on DVD already I’d only upgrade it if it’s particularly visually interesting. I’ll probably go for the Alien Quadrilogy when it comes down in price because all four of those films look gorgeous, but with a lot of other titles I’m not as fussed. If you have a decent HDMI upscaling DVD player they can still look great on a High Def TV anyway.

  2. Darren Bolton

    Really difficult one. I’ve already done it a lot, but like you say, on the more visual ones – Pan’s Labyrinth for example, and animation. Also if it has loads of extra special features I’d do it (like Close Encounters)… But I have a pretty good upscaler so I try not too much. AND I’m not convinced physical distribution will be around much longer anyway so I’m even more hesitant!

  3. David Brook

    Nah I’m not really rebelling, I’m just really cheap and don’t care if my trashy action movies look nice and crisp or not! In fact it smudges over the shoddy effects 🙂

    I’m actually loving Blu-Rays and HD streaming really, they look gorgeous, but I never like the idea of replacing my collections every 10 years. I think DVD’s are an acceptable enough quality to be retainable for some time though.

  4. Darren Bolton

    Definitely. And yeah, for certain films VHS will provide the right mood! In a few years we’ll just have big fat hard-drives connecting wirelessly to our TV’s, photo frames, tablet computers and sound systems streaming all of our content!!

  5. Lyndsey

    I’m worried all this blu ray precision is going to make Alien look crappy… i assume there’ll be some digital wizardry (technical term!) so it doesn’t look cheap and naff! Also, if they take out the hilariously bad effects in Alien 3 (or whatever it’s called) you’ll actually see what a rubbish film it is without the comedy. The alien dog thingy amuses me greatly.

  6. David Brook

    I think the costumes and sets in Alien are good enough to stand the test of time. HR Giger and the production design crew knew what they were doing. It’ll be dated CGI as you mentioned in Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection that’ll look shoddy in high def.


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