So yesterday saw the release of the third generation of Apple TV. Even Apple haven’t been able to wave their magic wand over this one over the years. They have described it themselves as being a Buy Lasix Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed “hobby” but at last I think they have cracked it.

It seemed users didn’t want to stray too far from their traditional viewing habits when it came to watching films and TV shows. iTunes has allowed users to rent or download films and TV shows for quite a while now but it has never hit off in the same way that music downloads have. The simple fact of the matter is people don’t want to sit down and watch the latest film release on a 3.5 inch iPod screen. It’s great for the odd viewing on the train or plane to relieve the boredom but for essential viewing at home it’s never going to hit off.

So Apple have decided to start again and blur the boundaries between the computer, the iPod/iPhone and Apple TV. The latest version works basically as a steeaming device for your TV. Instead of storing the content on the device like you do on an ipod, the videos are streamed directly to the Apple TV from the Apple servers. This allows you to start watching straight away and does away with ever running out of storage space.

Video you already have saved on your computer or iPod/iPhone/iPad can also be streamed directly to the Apple TV over WiFi.

In the US at least you can also use the Netflix service to watch films through the Apple TV, as well as YouTube Video’s for a bit of Amateur hour!

The other stumbling block along the way has been how much Apple, or should I say the Hollywood Studios, have been charging to download films. There isn’t any wonder people have stuck with DVD’s for so long. Someone has now seen sense and you’ll be able to rent a film for just $1.

So at last I think there may be a viable alternative to DVD’s that shouldn’t cost a fortune. What do you think?

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