Director: Frank Sabatella
Writers: Elke Blasi/Frank Sabatella
Producers: Frank Mosca/Frank Sabatella/Mike Seiman
Starring: Bill Moseley/Nate Dushku/Danielle Harris/Samantha Facchi
Year: 2009
Country: USA
BBFC Certification: 18
Duration: 83 minutes

Long Island, 1978: A young girl named Mary Mattock gruesomely murders her family with a hatchet and is locked away for life in Long Island’s notorious Kings Park Psychiatric Centre. Ten years later, Mary escapes from the asylum, leaving a grizzly trail of bodies and blood in her wake. Gunned down by the police, Mary meets her own demise outside the sanitarium walls. This incident gave birth to the legend of Mary Hatchet’s walking ghost and the mischievous night named in honour of her death, BLOOD NIGHT! Stemming from the real life Long Island legend of Mary Hatchet, Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet tells the tale of a group of teenagers enjoying their annual Blood Night festivities, when they come face to face with the reality of this haunting legend. One by one, the teens begin to disappear and meet their fate. As the body count rises, so do the unanswered questions about their missing friends and the secrets of Mary’s horrifying past. Is there more to this legend than the vengeful ghost of Mary Hatchet? And if so, who will survive to tell the terrifying tale?

So after watching this movie, I wanted to review it straight away but I couldn’t really find out exactly how I felt about it. In one way, it’s one of the best horrors I’ve seen in ages and in another way, it’s just the same as the other horrors released. The story is okay and had the Halloween feel to it, which I liked but then it started to go a little out of hand. The acting is average, most of the performances given were quite bad but there were one or two actors who were okay…ish. The direction is done well and the cinematography is great as well. The special effects and the scenes were executed very well but I must warn that this isn’t for the faint-hearted as this probably has more gore in the first ten minutes than Saw does.

I liked how the movie reverted back to the eighties horror-slasher movie style just like the eighties version of Halloween and mixed it with the latest horror style by adding the gore. I don’t usually like gore in movies that’s used only to scare the audience with no jumpy bits or nothing. The movie has one or two scenes which were a little creepy but there were a couple of scenes that were executed poorly and made the movie more of a cliché such as doors slamming off hinges and getting the Ouija board to contact Mary from beyond the grave. The story was pretty much average and started promising but as the movie went on, it started to get more and more ridiculous, however this doesn’t surprisingly spoil the movie much as you kind of expected it to get a little silly in a way. The introduction part about Mary Hatchet was brilliantly done in my opinion and after the introduction finished, that was when the story started to go downhill. The teenagers planning a party on ‘Blood Night’ was all-good but it was when the killings started, that was when the story started to plummet very fast. The acting was below average and some were convincing as their characters but there weren’t really anyone that stood out in the movie. The characters weren’t so bad but they’re your stereotypical teenage characters who think of nothing but sex, parties and booze and it doesn’t go any deeper than that. There wasn’t really any depth to their characters and you didn’t exactly care who lived or died as most of the characters were pretty much the same. The cinematography was great and the gory kill scenes were done very well but other than that, there isn’t really much I can say.

This is quite an odd movie because, although I’ve not really been praising the movie, it has something likeable about it, which you can’t really put your finger on. Whether it be your typical eighties cheesy horror flick modernised or the gore or the ‘scary’ scenes, there is something there that would make a horror fan love this movie. I think if you’re a fan of the Halloween series or a fan of classic eighties horrors then you will like this.

I would typically like a movie because of its story or its characters and, even though the story got a little ridiculous halfway through and you didn’t really care for the characters, I really enjoyed this movie and the way it was done.

Reviewed by Dazz Camponi

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  1. Ricky

    This movie wasted my time… It was mad boring
    Please tell the producer to start make cartoons or pornos!!! Seriouly “ta mere con”


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